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If you need servicing for your safe, DFW Locksmith is the place to call. We are experienced with many of the safe manufacturers to provide you the best and most knowledgeable service available.

When a dial starts to stick or gets hard to turn, that is a red flag that your safe needs to be serviced. Don't wait until it's too late!!! A regularly-scheduled service agreement is much more affordable then a safe lock-out. We can also upgrade your existing safe to electronic keypad locks. We offer safe servicing, combination changes, repairs and moving (relocating) of your safes.

At DFW Locksmith we offer a broad array of safes based on your protection needs such as fire, burglary, wall, data safes, etc. DFW Locksmith only sells safes from companies recognized around the world as manufacturers of premium quality safes and security devices. Protecting your valuables and vital records from fire or theft is serious business
We use only quality safe manufacturers dedicated to building the toughest, most secure, safes, depositories, and lock-boxes in the world. "B"-rated burglary safes allow you to receive full insurance coverage in accordance with the Broad Form and Mercantile Safe Insurance classifications and UL (Underwriters' Laboratories) 1 and 2 hour safes have been independently tested to keep your records protected in a fire
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